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Top 10 Hydraulic Fracturing Solution Companies - 2020

Hydraulic fracturing, popularly known as fracking, has constantly been a topic of heated debate. While advocates believe it is a safe and economical source of clean energy, critics argue that fracking can destroy drinking water supplies, contribute to greenhouse gases that increase global warming, trigger earthquakes, and pollute the air. While the technology was initially used in the 1940s, it became widely popular in the 1990s. Over the last decade, fracking has played a significant role in the rise of the U.S. shale oil and gas drilling production. The technique has allowed the U.S. shale producers to increase the production of America’s crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids, making the country the world’s largest producer of oil and natural gas, stepping ahead of Russia and Saudi Arabia.

The end target is to end the dependency on fossil fuels altogether. The boom in fracking over the last decade is one of the few ways for the U.S. to end the high dependence on imported oil. This can help save billions of dollars and also create multiple new jobs in the country. The fracking boom has also significantly helped organizations that manufacture drilling equipment to grow. The current political situation has put a cloud of doubt over the hydraulic fracturing industry. With democratic leaders vowing to ban fracking altogether, the industry is under significant pressure. Any restrictions on the sector would result in a substantial increase in oil prices in the U.S., damage to the economy, and leave a big dent in the country’s energy security.

As the hydraulic fracturing industry continues to experience rapid transformations, we have compiled a list of the most promising companies in the industry to help our readers identify the most suitable solution provider for their fracking needs. We present to you Energy Tech Review’s ‘Top 10 Hydraulic Fracturing Solution Providers-2020.’

    Top Hydraulic Fracturing Solution Companies

  • Leverages machine learning to help shale producers discover and implement the most important operational KPIs. Intelie facilitatesinnovation via a distributed query language with a complex eventprocessor to aggregate and normalizes real‐time data from a myriad of data sources. This data, combined with Intelie’s business knowledge and expertise in data architecture

  • AFGlobal


    AFG Holdings, Inc. is a technology and manufacturing specialist providing technology, services, and fully-integrated manufacturing capabilities to clients worldwide. The company aligns well-established precision engineering with game-changing innovation. AFG Holdings provides products and services to the oil and gas, general industrial, aerospace, and power generation industries, offering a broad range of both highly-engineered and general forged products and complementary aftermarket services. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the company delivers value through more than 20 facilities worldwide.

  • BJ Services

    BJ Services

    BJ Services provides hydraulic fracturing and cementing services to leading upstream oil and gas companies engaged in the exploration and production of North American oil and natural gas resources. The company is the largest North American-focused, pure-play pressure pumping services provider. BJ Services operates field locations serving all major North American oil and natural gas shale basins. An unwavering pursuit builds the company's shared culture for perfecting operational execution in the oilfield.



    Deep Imaging offers the most advanced frac diagnostic tools in the oilfield. The company's real-time fluid tracking technology allows operators to identify the causes and locations of subsurface problems leading to poor economic returns. With this information, teams can quickly fix issues, dramatically reducing waste and improving well performance. Deep Imaging's tracking technology is entirely surface-based and off the pad, eliminating the associated risks of being near or down the borehole. To date, the company has accumulated over 25,000 field hours with no lost time hours.

  • Energy Recovery

    Energy Recovery

    Energy Recovery designs and manufactures solutions that reduce waste, improve operational efficiencies, and lower the production costs of clean water and oil and gas. The company creates technologies that solve complex challenges in industrial fluid-flow markets. What began as a game-changing invention for water desalination has grown into a global business delivering solutions that enable more affordable access to these critical resources. The company's headquarters in San Leandro, California, and its Commercial Development Center in Katy, Texas, host on-site research and development, and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

  • National Oilwell Varco

    National Oilwell Varco

    National Oilwell Varco is a leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of equipment and components used in oil and gas drilling and production operations, and the provision of oilfield services to the oil and gas industry. Through business innovation, product creation, and service delivery, the company is driven to power the industry that powers the world better. National Oilwell Varco believes in service above all. It encourages the company to anticipate its customers' needs and work with them to deliver the most excellent products and services on time and budget.

  • NexTier Oilfield Solutions

    NexTier Oilfield Solutions

    NexTier is a leading provider of integrated completions focused on the most demanding land basins in the US. The company delivers safe, efficient, and innovative services that enable customers to win by accelerating production while generating leading returns. NexTier's partnership model allows financial flexibility to ensure success. The company adjusts its operating model to fit that of our customers, not the other way around. NexTier has the scale, strength, and stability to serve as a true value-add partner and evolve with the market needs.

  • QunatumPro


    QuantumPro, Inc. is an oilfield technology company that offers a revolutionary smart tracers portfolio for multistage hydraulic fracturing stimulation and reinjection operations in the exploration and production (E&P) industry. The company is successfully deploying the next generation of smart tracers coupled with advanced sub-atomic measurements that significantly reduce the completion cost and double the hydraulic fracturing treatments. The company's proprietary intelligent tracers technology enables its clients to increase recovery factors by validating reservoir development strategies, geological and geomechanical models, and improve completion and multistage hydraulic fracture stimulation design.



    Solugen is a manufacturer and supplier of registered biocides and specialty bio-based solutions for divalent control in process flow assurance and asset integrity. Solugen is a venture-backed biotech startup that produces high-performance chemicals from plant-derived substitutes. The company's award-winning hydrogen peroxide technology was developed in-house by a team of doctors, scientists, and engineers from MIT. The company challenges the traditional approach to chemicals production, which is capital intensive, dangerous, environmentally unfriendly, and mostly unchanged since 1942. Its patented method takes advantage of bio-inspired reactions using plant material as a low-cost feedstock to produce novel products that are cost-competitive with the competition.

  • TAM International

    TAM International

    TAM International, Inc. is an independent oilfield services company providing inflatable packers, swellable packers, and downhole products and services to the oil and gas industry. TAM offers technical support, products, and services from offices in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Australia, Africa, and Russia. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and has regional offices in Calgary, Canada, Aberdeen, Scotland, Perth, Australia, and Doha, Qatar.

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